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Evander Kane wins back model girlfriend with billboard gesture (pic)


Who says grand romantic gestures don’t work in this day and age? A stunt pulled by Buffalo Sabres superstar Evander Kane seems to prove that at times, an act of desperation can thaw even the most rumored frigid of hearts.

Kane and model girlfriend Mara Teigen apparently were on the outs for some unknown reason but a stunt he pulled courtesy of a billboard located on Sunset Strip seems to have worked wonders, as Teigen informed TMZ that her relationship with Kane may be on the mend.

“I was very flattered, I thought it was really sweet, really clever,” Teigen told TMZ, as transcribed by the New York Post. “He told me, ‘I have a surprise for you on Friday, and your hint is we’ll be taking a few laps.’ I was just thinking, ‘What could that be?’”

Kane, who has never been shy about showing off his wealth, apparently dropped a considerable amount of money to rent the billboard above 1 OAK in West Hollywood, a piece of prime billboard ad real estate. And it apparently worked like a charm. Or at least got the couple back on the right path.

“We’re working things out, so we’ll see,” she said.

In other words, this was the millionaire professional athlete’s version of pulling a Lloyd Dobler and showing up outside your estranged girlfriend’s house and hoisting a boom box that playing Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” above your head. Or something.