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RG3 blames liking Instagram post trashing Dan Snyder on intern


Just when things seemed as if it couldn’t get any uglier in D.C. with the Washington Redskins and the Robert Griffin III fiasco, the now-benched quarterback appeared to “like” an Instagram post in which owner Dan Snyder was disparaged and trashed. It turns out, according to RG3, that the responsibility for the critical post lies with an intern, not the quarterback himself.

Griffin took to Instagram on Monday night to clarify matters, indicating he had no knowledge whatsoever regarding the goings on with his social media accounts.

Featuring an image of the words, “I JUST WANTED TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT,” RG3 — or his handlers — posted the following explanation:

“I just wanted to set the record straight on this one. I did not ‘like’ that IG post ridiculing our team,” the post reads. “I have not been social media active consistently for awhile now and am ultra-focused on working to get back on the field and trying to help this team. One of our interns who helps with Instagram liked the post. As soon as I was made aware of it, it was immediately unliked. That is not how I feel and I appreciate your understanding.”

It’s certainly within the realm of possibility that an intern — one of apparently several, or at least two, no less — was responsible for liking a post in which Snyder is referred to as a “sorry a** team owner.” But even if that is indeed the case, perhaps Griffin and his handlers should have better oversight regarding who has authorization to speak on behalf of the quarterback on social media.

Either way, it goes without saying that the team has completely bungled the situation, beginning with Jay Gruden naming RG3 his starting quarterback seemingly for no reason all the way back in February at the NFL Scouting Combine to the head coach anointing Kirk Cousins as the new starting signal-caller on Tuesday.

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