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Rex Ryan takes shot at Jets’ Jace Amaro after tight end lands on I.R.


Rex Ryan did his best to express some semblance of sympathy upon hearing the news that New York Jets tight end Jace Amaro was placed on season-ending injured reserve after suffering a torn labrum in his shoulder. But that didn’t stop the surly Buffalo Bills head coach from continuing his months-long beef with the second-year tight end, as he managed to sneak in a potshot as well.

Ryan reportedly stated that Amaro is a “good kid” who made “stupid comments.” But he did stress that he feels bad for what happened.

The (relatively one-sided) war of words between Ryan and his former player stemmed from Amaro saying the former Jets coach, while not mentioning him specifically, didn’t hold players accountable in his last year with the team.

“He’s not really playing around with everyone being late,” Amaro said in April of new Jets coach Todd Bowles. “We had an issue with that last year. Guys just weren’t accountable last year as much as they could be.”

This prompted Ryan to unload upon Amaro on several occasions, with providing a great rundown of what transpired as follows:

In case you missed anything in the Amaro-Ryan silliness, Amaro said the Jets lacked accountability under Ryan last season. And Ryan fired back by saying Amaro was “full of s—.” Then Ryan doubled down, and tripled down on his initial incendiary response to Amaro. For his part, Amaro said he meant no harm. But regarding Ryan’s profane salvo, Amaro said, “That’s the way he is, I guess.”

In the end, the fact that Ryan took a shot at Amaro after the young player learned his season is over isn’t all that surprising. It’s how Ryan has always conducted himself. Not only that, he clearly harbors bitterness over how his tenure with the Jets came to an end and won’t let it rest just yet. And then an opportunity presented itself through which Ryan could revel in the Jets’ misfortune and he took full advantage of it. Nothing more, nothing less.