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Michael Irvin showcases physical on Twitter, including urine sample (pic)


Former Dallas Cowboys great and current NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin allowed his fans a behind-the-curtains peek at the poking, prodding and testing he undergoes during his annual physical. And this surprisingly included the Hall of Famer proudly showcasing his just-completed urinalysis test. He also provided an additional incredibly candid photograph of him undergoing the administration of an even more personal kind of test, to put it nicely.

First though, came Irvin posting pic of himself holding a cup of his own urine.

“Takin my annual ck up. urinalysis & blood. I hate this,” Irvin tweeted. “I will bring u along. I use 2 pee n a cup 3 times a week lol.”

“lol,” indeed.

But Irvin wasn’t done with the show. In fact, he took it to a completely absurd level with the next photograph.

Alrighty then. That’s a whole heaping amount of too much information going on right there.

Irvin continued providing updates as to the status of his physical, including photograph of him undergoing a test on his heart among other things. But let’s just say those photos weren’t as … provocative as the ones profiled above.