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Marshawn Lynch now selling Skittles on home shopping channel (vid)


While the notion of Marshawn Lynch putting his name behind a Skittles selling promotion is hardly surprising — for obvious reasons — the fact that the Seattle Seahawks running back made an appearance on a home shopping channel Tuesday morning to move product certainly qualifies as a profoundly hilarious.

But Lynch truly took the bizarre scene to an entirely different level when explaining to the host just how much he loves Skittles:

“We intimate,” he said. “We became one. Want me to show you how it’s done?”

It’s an intriguing offer, but perhaps those kind of things are best left behind closed doors, just to be safe.

Here’s the video of Lynch’s patently absurd — but comical — appearance.

The entire scene when Lynch tells the host to “just got it slide it right on in” when handing off the case of Skittles to him is truly an awkward sight to behold.

In actuality, charging only $14.86 for 36 packs of Skittles is a pretty sweet deal, no pun intended. And given Lynch’s professional relationship with the candy brand — not to mention how his fondness for Skittles has prompted folks to come up with some pretty crazy odes inspired by his affinity for them (see here and here and here), perhaps seeing Lynch touting all that is wonderful about Skittles on a home shopping channel isn’t all that weird after all.

And hey, if he gets any kickbacks on sales made related to his appearance, he can always use that money to pay off any fines left owed to the NFL for his uncooperative ways with the media.