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Did White Sox fan working on Wrigley reno taunt Cubs with cap? (pic)


A Chicago White Sox fan working on the renovation of Wrigley Field says he buried a little something in some concrete as a means to rub in his squad’s most recent World Series triumph. But the Chicago Cubs have gone on record to question the validity of his claims.

The legendary ballpark of course is in the midst of a massive $350 million renovation project, which provided the perfect opportunity for the enterprising White Sox fan to take a shot at his favorite team’s crosstown rivals.

Sports blogger Allison Horne on Sunday tweeted the alleged photographic evidence of a 2005 World Series champion White Sox hat being buried in some concrete.

A Cubs spokesman questioned the legitimacy of the photograph in a comment to Chicago’s FOX 32, indicating the team doesn’t plan to do anything about it. Team president Theo Epstein, meanwhile, took a more colorfully worded approach in responding to the supposed validity of the photo, telling FOX 32’s Dane Placko, “I couldn’t give two….” The reporter goes on to say the final word in Epstein’s comment rhymes with “hits,” so there you go.

These kind of stadium construction shenanigans happen all the time, with perhaps the most infamous example coming in 2008 when the New York Yankees unearthed a David Ortiz Red Sox jersey that had been buried under a foot-and-a-half of concrete under the team’s new stadium.

In any event, this is simply the latest bit of gamesmanship between fans who separately back the city’s baseball teams otherwise known as the North Siders and South Siders. It’s all in good fun, so keep it coming.

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