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CC Sabathia may be subjected to drug test over Instagram post (pic)

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New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia may have piqued the interest and scrutiny of Major League Baseball and its drug testers over a photograph he actually re-posted to his own Instagram account.

The photograph, which shows Sabathia taking a puff off something on an Atlanta hotel balcony. He claims it is a cigar, but the photo prompted speculation that it perhaps could be a marijuana joint, something he vehemently denies.

The picture, taken by an unnamed photo agency and offered up to media outlets Saturday, also was sent via email to Sabathia’s wife.

“Somebody emailed Amber (his wife) this morning and said they had pictures of me doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing,” Sabathia said, per the New York Daily News. “I said, ‘I wasn’t doing anything I wasn’t supposed to be doing.’ So that’s why I put that picture out.”

Sabathia reportedly has refused to negotiate with the unidentified seller of the photograph.

It stands to reason that had Sabathia actually been smoking marijuana, the notion of him actually posting the incriminating photo in question is beyond ludicrous. The pitcher nevertheless took the photograph down, writing on Instagram, “I was told I had to take the pic down by a NY newspaper who bought it $$$…so can you make a story out of this one?”

Still, sources tell the Daily News that the photograph aroused enough suspicion that the drug policy contained in the MLB’s collective bargaining agreement allows the treatment board to interview players suspected of using marijuana or any other “drugs of abuse.”

Should the board find probable cause to suspect drug use, said player is required to take a drug test within 24 hours.