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DeSean Jackson posts regrettably sexist comment on Instagram (pic)


As if the Washington Redskins aren’t dealing with enough distractions — namely the increasingly dysfunctional debacle of the “Robert Griffin III Situation” — DeSean Jackson added another one by posting a sexist comment on Instagram over the weekend.

The Redskins wide receiver took to social media Saturday and articulated his thoughts on women with the following post:

A photo posted by Desean Jackson (@0ne0fone) on

“The woman who knows her place never loses her position,” the post reads.

Jackson, who is no stranger to Instagram-fueled controversy, again took to social media on Sunday to make another observation:

A photo posted by Desean Jackson (@0ne0fone) on

It’s difficult to decipher the intent behind the post. It could be Jackson’s response to the blow back he’s receiving over his social media musings. On the other hand, it might be a commentary on the entire RG3 mess. Either way, Jackson makes it clear he has no time for clowns, apparently.

Granted, while troubling in its own right to say the least, Jackson’s ill-advised commentary on women won’t have the same direct impact on the team when compared to the ultimate determination of RG3’s future with the organization, but for Jackson to espouse such views certainly isn’t a good look for anyone.

Although it’s worth noting that there will be those who will come to Jackson’s defense by bemoaning how society’s obsession with political correctness is the source of the criticism being directed at him.

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