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Segway cameraman says he’s sorry about running down Usain Bolt


One of the bigger stories this week in the world of sports that turned into an absolute phenomenon was how world-class sprinter Usain Bolt wasn’t run down by one of his opponents during a race but instead got run over by a cameraman riding on a Segway. And the suddenly infamous media member wants everyone to know how sorry he is for inadvertently knocking over the superstar.

The incident, which had the potential for a horrible outcome, thankfully did not end as such. Disaster was averted as Bolt escaped injury during the accident, which occurred while the track star made his victory lap after winning the 200 meter race at the World Championships.

Song Tao, an experienced cameraman who works for host broadcaster CCTV, expressed his regrets over what occurred through a translator.

“The important thing is that he is OK. I’m fine and ready to get back to work,” Song told the Guardian via colleague Shao Yi.

The uninjured Bolt had a good sense of humor about what happened, even joking that one of his opponents, Justin Gatlin, was behind it.

“He tried to kill me! I don’t know what he was going on. It was like: ‘You are winning too much – take him out!’”

Song personally apologized to Bolt after the incident and shook hands before the medal ceremony, with the cameraman appearing to give the sprinter a good luck charm.

After his colleague joked that Song is now a worldwide sensation, the cameraman, “looking slightly more sheepish,” insisted he had to get back to work. It’s a safe bet the poor guy, a victim of happenstance — and perhaps a little inattentiveness — would like the entire story to go away. Quickly.

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