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Jets QB Bryce Petty draws ire from New Yorkers over taste in pizza


Usually, when the sensitive denizens of social media get all up in arms and in an uproar over a tweet from an athlete, it can often revolve around a tasteless tweet, not a tweet about taste. But that wasn’t the case when New York Jets rookie quarterback Bryce Petty incurred the wrath of New Yorkers left offended by his taste in pizza.

Petty took to Twitter on Thursday night to profess his admiration for the new app from Domino’s that makes ordering a pizza from them as easy as emoji.

It only took a little over an hour for Petty to come to terms with what an uproar he caused among Jets fans, as he took to Twitter again to apologize.

Petty is a native of Georgia and played his college football at Baylor in Texas, two areas of the country who aren’t generally known to be quite so passionate about pizza, so perhaps he deserves a break here.

Still, New Yorkers, as well as New Jerseyans, obviously take their pizza very seriously, as they should. And Petty’s love of pizza chain pies clearly offended them to some degree. But you have to feel bad for Petty over how he found himself in such a saucy situation from a seemingly innocuous tweet.

But hey, at least he didn’t say he was heading to Sbarro for a New York slice. That would have been a lot worse. A guy could get his jaw broken that way, which isn’t exactly what the Jets need right now. Obviously.