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Bryce Harper doesn’t seem to care if Nationals make playoffs


To hear it from Bryce Harper, it doesn’t matter much if the Washington Nationals make the playoffs or not. In fact, he doesn’t particularly seem to care.

Or that’s at least how it sounded when the superstar slugger was asked to weigh in on the plight that the struggling and sputtering Nationals find themselves in as the division rival New York Mets continue to distance themselves by cranking out victory after victory. And Harper apparently couldn’t care less.

“I really don’t care. We’ve got to win games to stay with what we’re doing,” Harper told The New York Times, via “If we don’t win, it really doesn’t matter. We’ve just got to keep winning ballgames. If something happens and we don’t make it, it’s part of the game. We’ve just got to keep playing hard and play till the end.”

As it stands heading into Friday’s ballgames, the Nats are trailing the Mets by 6.5 games. A 21-28 record in July and August will have that effect. And despite teammate Jayson Werth’s protestations, the NL East isn’t the Nats’ division to lose any longer. Add that to the fact the Nationals trail in the Wild Card race by a whopping nine games and it may be a division title or nothing to reach the postseason.

Harper obviously is a tremendously competitive player who is prone to outbursts from time to time — which has made him a target of criticism, even from his MLB colleagues — so it shouldn’t be all that surprising he’s frustrated by how the Nationals continue their now-months-long downward spiral. But oftentimes churlishness outbursts like Harper’s can just come off as sour grapes, although that may not be the case here. Instead, it could be some twisted form of reverse psychology.

Either way, winning will always take care of everything. It’s just that the Nationals better start doing more of it sooner rather than later.