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Tom Coughlin treats training camp-weary Giants to so-called ‘spa day’


Tom Coughlin didn’t technically characterize the events at training camp Thursday as a “spa day,” although that shouldn’t be surprising. But that does not mean what the old-school New York Giants head coach didn’t come off as such to some of his players. After all, switching up the day’s itinerary to involve activities that gave his weary players a chance to rest, relax and recover certainly was appreciated.

The list of spa-related activities made available — of which the players could choose two — included “massage, yoga, air-compression boots, contrast bath (hot/cold tub), Functional Movement Screen individual exercise and self-massage stick rollers and bands,” per a New York Post report.

Players overall appeared to have a favorable opinion of the switch-up — called a “recovery cycle” — which occurred on the team’s last day of training camp.

“Very surprised,’’ said cornerback Prince Amukamara. “But I would say injuries may have something to do with it. Injuries have been huge the last couple of years here so I guess we’re all trying to figure out and just trying to do different stuff to help prevent that.’’

Rashad Jennings — who opted for the massage and FMS but “with all the free time, I end up doing them all” — wanted to stress that even though it may appear from the outside that the players were being pampered, that wasn’t necessarily the case.

“This is far from a spa day,’’ he said. “I hope that impression isn’t coming out.’’

It was apropos clarification, as there was a walk-through on the field before the treatments, which also followed extended meetings in the morning.

Coughlin said he’s eager to hear about what the players think about the afternoon.

“It’s a unique kind of a day, and I’m interested in the feedback I get from our leadership council and also from the assistant coaches,’’ Coughlin said. “Of course the proof will come later in how we perform.’’

Odds are good that players will be willing to put in the effort if they can reap rewards like those experienced Thursday.