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RG3 on beating he took in preseason game: ‘I just work here, man’


Robert Griffin III did his best to avoid saying anything of any consequence when asked Thursday to share his thoughts regarding how he was left in to be bruised, battered and beaten during last week’s preseason tilt against the Detroit Lions.

The Washington Redskins quarterback, who ultimately suffered a concussion in the game, appeared to play the role of good soldier — seemingly — by employing a “Don’t ask me” kind of rhetoric.

When asked if he had any concerns over being left in the game given the amount of hits he was taking and if there were any discussions with the coaching staff about it, RG3 gave the following wishy-washy response that arguably speaks volumes.

“I mean, that’s the coach’s decision,” he said, via a tweet from the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Michael Phillips. “As we like to say, I just work here, man. And, you, know, I just want to go out there and every opportunity I get, just try to execute the plays like they need to be executed. Make a play when I have an opportunity, and let the coach’s do the rest of that.”

Given his troubled history with Jay Gruden — not to mention how one anonymous NFL coach opined that the Redskins head coach’s decision to leave his starting quarterback on the field to take a beating appeared “personal,” the fact that RG3 seemingly put everything on the coaching staff is an ominous sign about the current status of his relationship with Gruden.

When asked if he suffered a concussion during the game due to all the confusion, RG3 was similarly evasive.

“You’d have to talk to the people who report that stuff,” he said. “I don’t report that stuff. I was in the locker room taking a shower, getting ready to watch the rest of the game. So, I don’t know.”

It was suggested recently by Joe Theismann that Griffin should take a break from talking for the time being. Even though he seemed to be trying his best not to say something wrong, perhaps that’s still a good piece of advice.

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