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Joe Theismann on RG3: ‘It’s time for Robert to be quiet’

When it comes to Joe Theismann’s public statements regarding Robert Griffin III, first he giveth, then he taketh away.

Days after coming to defense of the Washington Redskins quarterback — in a manner of speaking — Theismann suggested it might be a good time for Griffin, who has been trying to say all the right things (but failing to do so), to take a break from talking for the time being.

“You’re right: it’s time for Robert to be quiet,” Theismann told SiriusXM NFL Radio, as transcribed by D.C. Sports Bog. “And the Redskins have basically shut him down. He gets one interview a week, per request and requirement by the National Football League. It’s time to just go play football. That’s what he has to do: just go play football. Because when you’re 5-15 [over two seasons] and you’ve got guys like Aaron Rodgers, world champion; Tom Brady, world champion; Peyton Manning, world champion; Eli Manning, world champion; Tony Romo, making leaps and bounds a year ago; Drew Brees; and the list goes on and on and on and on and on. And you were 5-15.”

Theismann’s defense of RG3 — more accurately perhaps Jay Gruden as well — came when he slammed an anonymous NFL coach who opined that the Redskins head coach’s decision to leave Griffin in a preseason game last week to be bruised, battered and beaten was “personal.”

As noted, Theismann runs hot and cold when it comes to his opinion of RG3, and that has been the case since Griffin was drafted as the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Just last week, as noted by the Bog, the Redskins great referred fans to a piece in The Wall Street Journal entitled, “The Imaginary Struggles of Robert Griffin III.”

In the end, Theismann seems to believe that RG3 has the tools necessary to be a productive NFL quarterback, he just feels that for now, the less talk the better. It’s an opinion he shares with former Redskin Brian Mitchell … it’s just that he didn’t say it in such an outrageously vitriolic manner.