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Derek Jeter rickrolled readers in debut Players’ Tribune mailbag post


One of Derek Jeter’s first of many post-retirement endeavors was to unveil The Players’ Tribune, a website which has the stated goal of allowing athletes to express themselves freely, unfettered and unedited (well, save for just a tinge — or a lot — of editing, apparently).

The so-called editorial freedom has attracted the likes of Russell Wilson, Blake Griffin and Kevin Love, to name a view, to sign on as a “Senior Editor,” “Guest Contributor,” as was the case with Tiger Woods)

The site debuted a new feature on Thursday, a mailbag, and the former Yankees captain took the helm of the launch, answering a bevy of relatively uninspired and uninteresting inquiries from readers. But a question about social media provided the opportunity for Jeter to do some major league, albeit dated, trolling.

Yep, Jeter rickrolled everyone.

It’s definitely complicated. I haven’t been active on social media, but I actually just got a Twitter. Check it out.

Derek Jeter is one rascally wisenheimer. That is all.

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