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103-year-old woman throws out first pitch before Rangers game (video)


Meet Lucille Fleming. She is a 103-year-old Texas Rangers fan who threw out the ceremonial first pitch earlier this week before one of her favorite team’s games.

All told, keeping her centenarian status, Miss Fleming did a pretty admirable job of it to boot.

Certainly impressive, although a Seattle Mariners fan did throw out a ceremonial first pitch on her 108th birthday earlier this season. But come on, 103 is 103, for crying out loud.

How did Fleming describe her experience?

“It was heavenly,” she told the Fox Sports Southwest broadcast, via The Dallas Morning News.

And she may have inside knowledge on such a experience as well, given she nearly shuffled of this mortal coil earlier last year.

“I died for three minutes and they pumped my chest and they hit me and I came to,” she said during the broadcast. “I said, ‘Get me to, I want to live, I want to watch the Rangers game.’ ”

And that she did. Not only that, she got to throw out a first pitch as well. So, all in all, Fleming is taking advantage of her second chance at living. To say the least.