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Odell Beckham Jr. vows to ‘turn the other cheek’ if defenses target him


Odell Beckham Jr. understands his phenomenal rookie season and rapid ascension to NFL superstar will have opposing defenses targeting him in more ways than one. But the New York Giants wide receiver vowed it would have no effect on the way he plays or approaches the game.

More specifically, Beckham says he intends to “turn the other cheek” should such a scenario play out.

“How you handle it, is up to you,” he said, via “I’ve got guys out there counting on me to do my role just the same way I count on everybody else to do theirs.”

He also added he will do everything he can to maintain his composure if teams start targeting him.

Beckham’s comments come in the wake of teammate Victor Cruz arguing that Jacksonville Jaguars defenders were “gunning” for the second-year wide receiver, and Beckham’s actions during last weekend’s preseason game appeared to indicate he felt the same. He has since downplayed how he mixed it up a bit with Jags safety Sergio Brown.

“There was no flag thrown. So no harm, no foul,” he said, smiling. Beckham acknowledged that fact he will be targeted “may be a little self-inflicted.”

“I can rub a lot of people the wrong way if they don’t know me,” he said. “I’m sure a lot of it was caused by me being who I am and dancing and having fun, and also having success at the same time. I could understand why things may be the way they are.”

But in the end, Beckham understands he has to remain focused and maintain his composure, recognizing that inevitably some gamesmanship will occur in one form or another.

“You get caught up in the game, it’s the heat of the moment,” he said. “Things are going to be said, and after the game all is going to be forgotten. You’re out there to compete. There’s no hard feelings or bad blood between anybody that you ever play against.”