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Diamondbacks reliever tabs Slider the Hamster as team mascot (vid)


The Arizona Diamondbacks already boast a praying mantis as an unofficial team mascot, but if it were up to reliever Josh Collmenter, his hamster — who amusingly goes by the name Slider — also is worthy of consideration.

Collmenter brought Slider along on Tuesday to the ballpark and video was posted by reporter Zach Buchanan — who filed a report on the hamster — of the little bugger tooling around the clubhouse in in one of those, um, rodent ball thingies.

“Probably wouldn’t be a bad thing to have something running around in here,” Collmenter said. “A little team mascot. Can’t quite well have a rattlesnake in here, so I figured a hamster would be pretty safe.”

Even D-backs skipper Chip Hale weighed in on the rodent’s presence.

“Something just rolled into my office when I was doing my work,” he said. “I didn’t know what was going on. I went in my bathroom and there was a hamster rolling around in a ball.”

And if anyone is worried about the fate of the praying mantis who Collmenter discovered during a recent road trip: The little guy is doing just fine after a makeshift habitat was created using a Coffee-Mate box for the flight back to Arizona. The insect now has been upgraded to better accommodations. Slider, meanwhile, is housed in a “secure location” at Chase Field. Although Collmenter insists he plans to bring the hamster along on the next road trip.

“We have to make sure it gets its passport,” he said. “But once it’s cleared through the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), we’re good to go.”