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Rays catcher Curt Casali strains hamstring circling bases after homer


Tampa Bay Rays catcher Curt Casali came up gimpy while circling the bases following a home run Tuesday night, suffering a strained left hamstring.

Casali appeared to take an awkward step while rounding first base after hitting the home run during the Rays’ 11-7 loss to the Minnesota Twins at Tropicana Field. He looked to be in discomfort throughout the rest of his trot and limped his way to the clubhouse.

“As soon as I hit the bag it didn’t feel very good rounding the bases,” he said, via “I was trying to take it as slow as I could. I knew I had to get around the bases somehow. It was just unfortunate timing.”

Casali admitted it is bizarre way to suffer an injury.

“It was weird. I was really weird,” he said. “It’s never happened to me. I’ve never seen it. It just stinks right now. On top of the loss, it’s not a good day.”

Casali will be reevaluated Wednesday and it is possible a stint on the disabled list could be in his future.

“It’s pretty disappointing,” he said. “We’ll know more (today) and the extent of what’s going on there. I’ve been feeling really good at the plate, behind the plate. For something like this to happen, it stinks.”

Baseball players are notorious for suffering the most bizarre of bizarre injuries while engaging in the most benign of activities (see here and here and here and here for simply a primer). Add Casali’s name to the list. At the same time, at least the Rays catcher suffered his injury while actually playing the game.

Maybe Casali should take a more leisurely approach to circling the bases, as is sometimes the case with David Ortiz. Actually, scratch that idea.