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Adrian Peterson forced to clarify comparing himself to LeBron James

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson was essentially compelled to clarify a seemingly throwaway quote he made during a sideline interview of a preseason game this week when he was asked about how he touted himself the LeBron James of football over the weekend.

The Minnesota Vikings running back, who the team is holding out of all its preseasaon games, was being interviewed on the sideline during Saturday’s game against the Oakland Raiders when he was asked about how Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles referred to himself as the LeBron James of the NFL.

Peterson, ever the competitor who sometimes perceives slights where perhaps none existed, jokingly took issue with Charles’ boast, instead suggesting that he is in fact the LeBron James of football.

Speaking on the surprisingly newsworthy topic Tuesday, Peterson said he’s confused over all the fuss generated by his innocuous comment.

“When I look at LeBron James, I think about just his athletic ability, God-given talent — fast, explosive, just the strength that he has, just all the intangibles,” he said, via the Pioneer Press. “I feel like the same sense, just in a different sport.

“God has blessed me with those same qualities,” he continued. “So you make that type of comparison in all fun and games.”

Peterson, who said he has met the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar a few times, continued on with his explanation of the comments that curiously caused all the trouble.

“It’s so funny. You go on social media and hear people saying, ‘I can’t believe he compared himself to James. King James of football.’ It’s just like so ridiculous,” he said. “It’s just casual conversation that people have, not that big of a deal.

“I’m Adrian Peterson. But when you make that comparison and think about those things that I named out, I think that we’re similar.”

New Vikings teammate Mike Wallace concurred with Peterson’s assessment.

“There’s not another player like him,” he said. “Just like there’s not another player like LeBron James.”

Either way, the overreaction by some over Peterson’s innocuous comments is a bit over the top.