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Joe Theismann calls anonymous coach who discussed Redskins ‘gutless’

Joe Theismann took great exception to the fact that an NFL coach anonymously criticized the Washington Redskins, characterizing any person who refuses to stand by their opinions by providing their name when making a comment as “spineless and gutless.”

Theismann’s vitriolic take stems from an anonymous league coach telling Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman that Redskins head coach Jay Gruden’s decision to leave Robert Griffin III in last week’s preseason game against the Miami Dolphins to get bruised, beaten and battered — ultimately to suffer a concussion — appeared “personal.”

The former Redskins great was having nothing of it, blasting the notion during an appearance Monday on NewsChannel 8’s “Sports Talk” that any NFL coach would feel compelled to anonymously rip another member of their fraternity.

“Any person that isn’t willing to put their name to a comment doesn’t deserve any respect at all,” he said, via D.C. Sports Bog. “If you’re telling me that a coach said that, the coach has no spine, he’s a spineless individual and that’s the bottom line. To make an irresponsible, stupid statement like that, Robert needs the work. … To say that Jay would put him out there for any reason other than to get him work, is an absolute insult to a coach. … If you want to be a man, if you have an opinion, why don’t you put your name to it instead of being an anonymous coach, which is a bunch of baloney, and to me spineless and gutless. If you’ve got something to say, open your mouth and put your name to it. … But as far as that statement goes, it’s ridiculous that anyone would make that assumption…”

The concept of anonymous sources blasting RG3 is not a new development, but for someone to intimate that Gruden would allow one of his players to take a beating over some purported beef is quite the accusation. Theismann, who hasn’t been afraid to criticize RG3, clearly believes if a person wants to blast the quarterback, do it like Brian Mitchell did: Upfront and forceful.