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Glover Quin clarifies ‘God’ comment regarding Jordy Nelson’s injury


Detroit Lions safety Glover Quin found himself of a media firestorm Monday by speculating it was the will of God that caused Jordy Nelson to suffer what turned out to be a season-ending knee injury during the Green Bay Packers’ preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

On Tuesday, while acknowledging what he said “upset a whole bunch of people,” Quin attempted to defend his controversial comments, or at least clarify them.

“I don’t mean that God particularly said ‘I want to take Jordy Nelson out,'” Quin said, via ESPN’s Michael Rothstein. “I’m not saying all that. I just believe that what is meant to be will be, regardless. That’s just how I feel about it.”

Quin received a tremendous amount of backlash on social media and otherwise for what he said, and without clarification, it certainly appeared he was intimating it was God’s will for Nelson to suffer the torn ACL in his right knee that ended his season before it even began.

“I hate that Jordy got hurt, but in my beliefs and the way that I believe, it was God had meant for Jordy to get hurt,” Quin said on Monday. “So if he wouldn’t have got hurt today, if he wouldn’t have played in that game, if he wouldn’t have practiced anymore and the next time he walked on the field would have been opening day, I feel like he would have got hurt opening day.”

Quinn also called Nelson a “great guy” during the comments that started the controversy, and added players like himself “definitely hate to see something like that happen.” But the damage was done, leaving Quin attempting to extinguish the firestorm he started.

Lions head coach Jim Caldwell also defended Quin, saying his comments were taken out of context and it “just so happened that a few people decided to make the headlines a little bit more explosive, and if they would have taken what he said into context and written it as such, it wouldn’t be such a big issue.”

(image via Bleacher Report)