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Eyeless Aaron Rodgers on ‘Madden 16’ is straight-up nightmare fuel (pic)


GAH! Aaron Rodgers is apparently such a phenomenal quarterback he doesn’t even need eyes to survey the field and pick apart defenses. At least that is how a hilarious glitch in “Madden 16” makes it appear as the Green Bay Packers quarterback is depicted sans eyes in his ocular cavities.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell notes in a tweet that downloading all the patches will remove the soul-stealing horror that is an eyeless Aaron Rodgers. But really, why would anyone want to do that? Oh yeah, maybe because of the dread one feels while gazing upon that slice of nightmare fuel. Seriously, it’s almost as if he can gaze into your mind and peer into your soul without the benefit of eyes.


The inevitable glitches that occur upon the release of every new version of “Madden” are often as highly anticipated as the games themselves, as evidenced by the fanfare over ones in last year’s version of the classic series (here and here).

If that doesn’t prove it, the “Eyeless Aaron Rodgers” nightmare fuel proves that in spades.