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Wait … what? Rob Gronkowski claims he’s a virgin, surely is joking


Rob Gronkowski isn’t only one of the most talented tight ends in the NFL, he also has cultivated a reputation of being one of the league’s craziest characters off of it, known for his hard-partying ways and frat boy-like demeanor.

Which makes some comments — surely made in jest — by the New England Patriots superstar during an interview on Boston’s WEEI on Monday morning likely some of the most egregiously erroneous statements ever uttered by an NFL superstar.

When the topic of his sex life was brought up by fill-in host Gary Tanguay of the “D and C Show,” Gronk suggested he is as pure as the driven snow.

The host, elicited the patently absurd response by askgin Gronkowski how many women he has slept with, while referring to the purported conquests of NBA legend and notorious womanizer Wilt Chamberlain.

“I’m a virgin,” Gronkowski quipped, an outrageous claim that prompted a round of laughter from all involved parties.

The notion of Rob Gronkowski actually being a virgin is about as ridiculous as, well, Tim Tebow announcing he’s going to challenge Chamberlain’s reputed number of sexual conquests. In other words, there is virtually zero chance Gronk’s claim is true.

On a less ridiculous note, Gronk did mention that he has a hard time taking it easy when away from the football field.

“I really can’t [stay still too long]. It’s cool to chill out, you get one day to yourself where you can just sit down, watch some movies, relax at home,” he said. “But if I do that two days in a row, I mean, I start going crazy. I’ve always got to get up, go out and do something, if it’s just playing a sport out in the backyard, or if it’s just going out to work out, or if it’s going to practice or something. Yeah, I’m definitely an active guy for sure.”

That’s an understatement.