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LeBron to Irving, Love: ‘I’m so hyped thinking about what’s next’


LeBron James took to Instagram on Monday morning to express just how excited he is at the prospect of getting out on the court with teammates Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.

What inspired the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar to take to social media in the wee hours of Monday to issue the declaration is unclear — although it may be related to how James indicated he would be reviewing film on the plane during his trip to Asia — it’s obvious he’s “hyped” about getting back to work after injuries to both Love and Irving derailed the team’s title aspirations a few months ago. James of course single-handedly attempted to accomplish the improbable and beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, but came up short, losing in six games.

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“Man I can’t wait to get back on the floor again with you two guys! Last year was just a sample size of what we’re capable of and I’m so hyped thinking about what’s next,” James wrote.

While James and Love experienced some growing pains as the duo tried to foster a working relationship both on and off the court, both superstars re-upped with the Cavaliers this offseason, with a poolside meeting preceding the power forward signing a five-year, $113 million deal in July, all but assuring the worst is probably behind them.

James and Irving also have experienced some ups and downs as well, but as the Cavaliers stormed to an NBA-best 34-9 record after Jan. 15, the team’s unquestioned leader praised the point guard for taking his game to the next level. It’s abundantly clear these two are on the right track as well.

Given the Cavaliers have also made efforts to upgrade the talent around their “Big Three” during the offseason, James’ optimism over what the trio can accomplish next season is arguably justified.