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Jason Pierre-Paul avoids media with awful decoy at charity event (pic)


Another day, another strange development in the strange saga of Jason Pierre-Paul.

The New York Giants defensive lineman, who suffered severe hand injuries in a Fourth of July fireworks accident and has for the most part avoided contact with the team and appearing in public, did in fact show himself on Sunday at a charity event in Sunrise, Fla. But in a terribly ill-conceived effort to avoid a reporter from the New York Daily News, Pierre-Paul used a poorly prepared decoy to distract the intrepid media member.

The Giants star announced on Instagram that he would be hosting a backpack and school supplies giveaway at a church Sunday. This obviously tipped off the media about the whereabouts of the reclusive NFL player at a particular time. So, in an effort to confuse the media, a man of comparable size with a jacket over his head exited the church from the front while the real Pierre-Paul left from the back, per a security guard.

What made the ruse particularly terrible was that the Pierre-Paul decoy had an injured hand wrapped in toilet paper — not a bandage, cast or what have you. Making it even worse was that the toilet paper was bandaged around the wrong hand.

It was another example how patently bizarre this entire situation has become, something that is certainly frustrated Giants brass to no end, including owner John Mara and head coach Tom Coughlin.

Cullen Jenkins said last week that texts exchanged with Pierre-Paul indicates his teammate is in the right frame of mind as he recovers from his traumatic injury. But Pierre-Paul’s antics on social media over the weekend arguably say otherwise, as he seemed to be taking the entire situation a bit too lightly in the light of the gravity and extent of his injuries.

“What happened to me was not a setback,” Pierre-Paul tweeted on Sunday. “God has greater plans for me. No man can judge me accepted God himself.”

He of course intended to write “except” instead of “accepted,” and cracked a joke about it a few minutes later.

“My bad except lost a finger LOL,” he tweeted.