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A crying shame: Signed photos of teary-eyed Wilmer Flores sold out


New York Mets fans — or others who simply enjoy wallowing in the misery of others — who hoped to snag one of the autographed photos of shortstop Wilmer Flores’ teary-eyed reaction to a trade that ended up never actually happening, tough luck. The prints created, which documented Flores’ devastation upon learning he’d been dealt to the Milwaukee Brewers on July 29, are surprisingly all sold out, per an ESPN report.

Steiner Sports, who was offering the prized piece of memorabilia for $69.99 (without frame) and $139.99 (with frame) — among other options — announced on Friday that every last one of them have been purchased.

The decision to sell the item was met with some criticism, with most of it directed at the sports memorabilia company behind it. But Brandon Steiner of Steiner Sports insists there was no ill-intent involved. Further, Steiner says Flores had no problem autographing the item.

“I’m surprised at all the fuss,” he said. “It was an emotional moment and showed how much he cared for playing for the team. We thought it was a magical Met moment that fans would enjoy.”

Steiner is correct in his assertion that the fact Flores didn’t take issue with the item — much less have a problem autographing a bunch of them — means it was a perfectly appropriate thing to market. After all, who else could have been more offended than Flores?

But what makes the entire story so strange is how quickly all the prints were snatched up. It just seems like a strange thing for a person to proudly hang up in their bar or rec room or man cave or what have you.