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Jets rookie Leonard Williams, 21, just got his driver’s license last month


To say that New York Jets rookie defensive end Leonard Williams waited an absurdly long time before getting his driver’s license would be a drastic understatement … an understatement that spanned five years.

Williams, 21, at long last just got his license last month in Florida, just after celebrating his milestone birthday in June. Saying it was “pretty easy actually,” he did say he experienced some semblance of nervousness during one portion of the test.

“The road exam because if I didn’t get it over the break I don’t know when I’d be able to try it again,” he said.

When asked how he managed to get around absent a license — much less a car — Williams said ahead of the NFL Draft in April that he relied upon a skateboard during his time at USC and generally “sticks to Uber.” He did admit that he probably would have continued to use Uber had he failed his exam.

But now, that’s all in the past. After being the sixth overall pick in the draft, Williams is flush with cash for a new ride given he signed a four-year, $18.63 million deal that includes an $11.8 million signing bonus.

So, yeah, he’ll have no trouble finding an automobile to his liking.

(image via New York Daily News)