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Jerry Jones: Dez Bryant understands ‘consequences of being so excited’


Much has been made about how Dez Bryant being involved in two brawls during training camp, one with teammate Tyler Patmon earlier this month and another when he played an intervening role during fight that erupted this week when the Dallas Cowboys held a joint practice with the St. Louis Rams.

Bryant was left with a punch in the face after getting involved in the dustup with the Rams, but that hasn’t stopped Dallas-area columnists and national media pundits alike to wonder if Bryant’s act is something for which the Cowboys should be concerned.

To hear it from Jerry Jones … not so much.

The Cowboys owner made comments in which he defended his fiery wide receiver during an appearance Friday on G-Bag Nation on 105.3 The Fan. In essence, Jones suggested with his comments is Bryant’s impulsiveness and excitability simply is an example of “Dez being Dez” and it has little to no negative impact on the team.

“If it’s anything, it not only creates some excitement, it creates tension,” he said, via The Dallas Morning News. “… And, of course, that’s Dez. It’s that personality right there.”

The notion that the Cowboys continuously coddle and needlessly defend Bryant whenever an incident arises was partly the central argument of a recent column penned by The Dallas Morning News‘ David Moore, although the sportswriter may have went to far with his veiled implication that Bryant was to blame for the brawl with Rams players.

Bryant must have felt the same way, as he blasted Moore on Twitter, calling him a “sucky writer.”

Jones later mentioned in the interview that Bryant gets so excitable before games the staff has to calm him down to save energy.

“I think that’s Dez,” Jones said. “I know that that doesn’t sound too sophisticated to just say, ‘That’s Dez,’ but that is him. The good news is that he realizes, more than ever, the consequences of being so excited, so excitable, that it could affect his play time. … He’ll straighten up and fly right if he thinks he’s going to be taken off the field by his own volition or somebody else’s.”

(image via Cowboys Blog)