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Dez Bryant slams Dallas columnist, calls him a ‘sucky writer’


Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant clearly didn’t appreciate a piece written by a columnist for The Dallas Morning News and made his unhappiness abundantly clear with a tweet on Friday morning in which he disparaged the writer’s abilities.

The column, entitled, “At what point does Dez Bryant’s ‘passion’ become an issue for Cowboys?” was penned by David Moore and published on Wednesday, one day after the fiery wide receiver became involved in a training camp brawl during a joint practice with the St. Louis Rams. Bryant was on the receiving end of a punch to the face as a result of his intervention.

The crux of Moore’s column centered around the notion that Bryant’s passion, fire and competitive spirit “often results in reckless or irresponsible behavior.”

Bryant strongly disagreed with Moore’s conjecture about how he is frequently led astray by his inability to control his emotions.

“You are a sucky writer…. You know damn well I didn’t start the fight… I’m defending my teammates and I’ll do it again,” Bryant tweeted Friday morning. He then received plenty of social media blowback for his comments, as evidenced by the tweets collected by The Dallas Morning News.

Moore opined in the column that the Cowboys are in part responsible for Bryant’s impulsive ways given how “club officials launch into a full-throated defense of passion” whenever something like the wide receiver’s involvement in Tuesday’s fracas occurs.

Moore’s reasoning is supported by how Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones essentially endorsed Bryant’s brawl with teammate Tyler Patmon during a training camp practice, saying about the fight, “Anytime you get full-grown men out there going at each other, you’re going to have some of that and I do think it’s a good thing.”

Whether or not Bryant is enabled by a coddling Cowboys brass and staff, it’s clear the wide receiver will not take kindly to any criticism over what he characterizes as an impassioned defense of his teammates.