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Colts reportedly still sweep Gillette Stadium locker room for bugs


And we’re not talking about bringing in an exterminator, either. WTHR-TV’s Bob Kravitz, who originally broke the Deflategate story, indicates in a tweet that the Indianapolis Colts to this day sweep the visitor’s locker room at Gillette Stadium for bugs to makes sure the New England Patriots are not engaging in some spy-level shenanigans.

“I don’t know if the Patriots bug visiting lockerrooms or not, but I’ve been told the Colts still sweep for bugs when they go to Gillette,” Kravitz wrote on Twitter Friday.

Kravitz’s making note of the Colts’ insistence on securing their locker room to ensure its free of recording devices of course comes in the wake of comments made by Tony Dungy on “The Dan Patrick Show,” something Kravitz acknowledged in a subsequent tweet.

The former Colts coach made the assertion that Peyton Manning during his career with the Indianapolis Colts so feared the Patriots were listening in on locker room discussions that he preferred to hold any meetings regarding game-planning, strategy, play calls, etc. outside in the hallway.

Dungy has since tried to downplay the gravity of his comments and Manning opted to invoke the code of “Whatever happens in the locker room stays in the locker room” in order to avoid answering questions about his former coach’s assertions.

Kravitz continued to clarify his original tweet in later posts on Twitter.

“My guess is they’ve never found anything, or the league would have heard about it, believe me,” he continued.

“As I said before, doubt they’ve found any, or we would have heard about it,” Kravitz added in a later tweet. “Just saying they have suspicions. ”

Regardless of the clarifications offered up by Kravitz, the notion — if his original tweet is indeed accurate — that the Colts are so paranoid that the Patriots are committing espionage-level malfeasance by bugging the visitor’s locker room certainly speaks to the kind of conniving and underhanded acts at least one NFL team believes the Patriots are capable of committing.

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