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Cam Newton, Ndamukong Suh engage in friendly banter after practice


The Carolina Panthers and Miami Dolphins wrapped up two days of joint practices Friday and other than one minor skirmish, things went pretty swimmingly as the two NFL squads got the chance to hit someone other than their teammates during practice.

As Friday’s practice session concluded, Cam Newton and Ndamukong Suh engaged in some friendly banter, per Black and Blue Review (with video), confirming that the two have put in the past the Panthers quarterback’s ill-conceived “Donkey Kong Suh” moniker he bequeathed upon the Dolphins defensive lineman.

“Who’s got it better than you right now? Highest paid, Miami, hot chicks,” Newton observed, citing the six-year, $114 million contract Suh signed with the Dolphins.

“Life is good for me? I don’t know about that (laughing). I’m definitely happy about my life, but there’s more to accomplish,” Suh replied to continue the convivial back-and-forth.

Suh admitted he was somewhat taken aback by Newton’s talk.

“Did I expect the chatter? No” he said. “He just came up to me, so it was a good conversation and left it at that.”

As noted, Newton caught some flak for his “Donkey Kong Suh” moniker following the teams’ game last season, but explained it by claiming he’s the “Sensei of Nicknames.” Regardless of Newton’s silly self-given nickname, it’s clear that Suh didn’t take it too personally or the notion that time eventually heals all wounds works in this situation.

(image via Carolina Huddle via Black and Blue Review)