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Tony Romo on Jason Witten: ‘He literally is like a brother to me’


Tony Romo made it abundantly clear with comments this week that he and Dallas Cowboys teammate Jason Witten share a remarkable bond of bromantic proportions.

When asked about everything he and Jason Witten have been through during their careers as teammates, Romo didn’t hold anything back when explaining just how much the tight end’s friendship has meant to him over the years.

“You want to have that shared commitment to someone that went through it all,” Romo said, per The Dallas Morning News. “And you’re able to just always reflect and talk and have the memories to always go back to. If it’s just you, it just seems a little bit like, ‘All right. It’s fine.’ But to have people with you, that makes it special, I think.”

Witten was selected by the Cowboys in the third round of the 2003 NFL Draft. Romo arrived in Dallas the same year, albeit as an undrafted rookie free agent. And their partnership has allowed both to prosper over the past 12 seasons, playing in 145 regular season games together and connecting on 35 touchdowns.

Romo said their bond goes well beyond the football field.

“I think the relationship grows to a point, you start off with just a respect for how he goes about the process, how great of a player he is, just who he is as a human being, and then you get older, you just become close,” he said. “He literally is like a brother to me. And I think he’ll always be that way. I think Jason, he’s just the best. I don’t even know how to describe it. On the field, off the field, I just like hanging around with him.”

A bromance like no other for these two guys. And to be fair, Witten feels the same about Romo, too.

“It’s been remarkable. I think that’s probably the greatest satisfaction and joy that I’ve had is the relationship I’ve built with Tony on and off the field. … It’s been a really special bond. Cause we started at the bottom and we worked together. When you experience that together, it just brings that bond even more close.”

(image via CBS Sports)