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Former NFLer Brian Mitchell unloads on Robert Griffin III


Robert Griffin III has found himself under fire for some comments he made earlier this week about being the best player in the NFL. Making matters infinitely worse, the Washington Redskins quarterback drew even more ire when he blamed the media for his plight, saying, “It’s unfortunate my name keeps getting used for headlines, for people to click on stories.”

It demonstrates that RG3 is either a total “football narcissist who loves to talk about himself” (as argued here) or has no understanding about how he’s solely responsible for the questionable or bad press he generates.

Whatever the case may be, a member of the media, former NFL return specialist Brian Mitchell, who spent a majority of his career with the Redskins, got worked up into quite a lather as he put RG3 on blast during a recent telecast on Comcast SportsNet.

“He thinks everything is a damn joke,” Mitchell said, via “It comes a point in time where someone is going to have to stand up and tell him what he needs to hear, not what he wants to hear. This young man seems to be a guy, in my eyes, that loves people around him that says what he wants to hear, coddles him, doesn’t challenge him. …”

After saying that RG3 is “not that damn important,” Mitchell continued with his commentary.

“… What’s going to make you important — and I want everyone over there in your little PR department [to listen]. I will talk to you in your face this way. You need to shut the hell up and start playing football. That would make you important.”

Some other nuggets from Mitchell’s comments (in part via D.C. Sports Bog):

* “You came here to be a football player, not a damn philosopher.”

* “I’m 47 years old. What the hell, I’m gonna listen to a little wet-behind-the-ears 24-year-old kid who’s done nothing, nothing to be sitting up here thinking we’re going to listen to him all day? Do your job.”

Video of Mitchell’s demolition of RG3 can be seen here. The most surprising thing about Mitchell’s tirade upon viewing it is that smoke literally wasn’t coming out of his years as he savaged RG3. Mercy.