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Donald Trump says being good at golf qualifies him to be president


Donald Trump recently opined that of his many admirable qualities, one clearly demonstrates he’s more than qualified to be president: He’s a really good golfer.

The Republican presidential nominee recently conducted an interview with TIME in which he proclaimed the success he finds on the course will somehow translate to success in the Oval Office.

“You know I’ve had great success. Even in golf I’ve won many golf club championships,” Trump said. “I don’t know if you guys play golf. But to win a club championship is hard, literally hard. And you have to beat scratch players…You got a lot of good players. I’ve won many club championships. So my life has been about winning. My life has not been about losing. So I get a kick out of watching these guys who were not even successful people saying, ‘Oh, he’s just having fun.'”

While Trump may not have technically stated his strong golf game means he’d be a great president, his comments certainly are endemic of the wider narrative Trump spins about how all the success he has enjoyed in his life — in business, in his personal life and apparently, on the course — makes him abundantly qualified to run the country.

Trump has had his ups and downs with the PGA Tour of late over his controversial comments, but he has without a doubt has exercised tremendous influence upon professional golf. Although his thoughts about how golf should be an elitist sport people aspire to play certainly rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way.

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