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Chip Kelly refers to Joe Flacco as an ‘elite’ quarterback


Whether or not Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was aware of the ongoing joke or not, he invoked a much ballyhooed term commonly bandied about during arguments concerning the relative merits and pedigree of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco:


Kelly, whose Eagles currently are involved in a several-day series of joint practices with the Ravens and play them in a preseason game on Saturday, was effusive in his praise of Flacco, comparing him to the likes of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, whom Kelly’s Eagles faced during joint practices in training camp the previous two seasons.

But most of all, says Kelly, Flacco is elite.

“He’s got a big-time arm,” Kelly said. “He’s a big human being. It’s tough to bring him down. He’s also just so poised when he plays back there. You talk about when guys really got it, the game has slowed down for them. He’s such a good decision-maker. He’s an unbelievable clutch player. You look at him in all the situations he’s been in, he always seems to have poise and nothing seems to rattle him.”

The “Is Joe Flacco Elite?” meme became such an amusing talker over the years that Flacco himself even felt compelled to acknowledge it last season.

“A lot of people the last few years were talking. … That’s just the word they used: ‘Elite, elite, elite.’ Who knows where it came from, but that’s just what it was, he said. “So, I think a lot of that has kind of quieted down a little bit, and we’ve gone out and won, and we’ve won consistently.”

The meme even became fodder during the Republican presidential candidate debate a few weeks ago, with Internet sensation PFT Commenter holding up a sign behind MSNBC’s Chris Matthews during the broadcast.


Given how prevalent the “elite” bit is, one has to suspect that Kelly at least has a rudimentary knowledge of it, which would make his comment quite amusing.