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Charlie Sheen ‘flattered’ Derek Holland is rocking ‘Wild Thing’ hairdo (pic)

Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland returned to the mound on Wednesday after a stint on the disabled list. He was solid in his first game back, pitching six-plus innings, giving up two earned runs while surrendering eight hits to go along with six strikeouts.

But what perhaps stood out most about Holland is how he was rocking a pretty slick new hairstyle, one inspired by Charlie Sheen’s star-turn as Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn in the classic baseball flick, “Major League.”

The actor, a big-time baseball fan who also starred in “Eight Men Out,” took notice and gave Holland a shout-out on Twitter in an oddly styled, strangely phrased tweet that was distinctly Sheen-ian.

If “that Zig will awe sum your Zag” doesn’t become some kind of new catchphrase or slogan or whatever, it will be shame.

The notion that Holland would sport a whacked-out ‘do isn’t really that strange, considering he’s a guy who once got kicked out of a Counting Crows concert (than complained about it), not to mention the fact he once described a game played in the Rangers bullpen called “Fart Bottle Roulette.”

As noted by The Dallas Morning News, Holland isn’t the first baseball player to pay tribute to “Wild Thing” by emulating his hairstyle. Tampa Bay Rays superstar Evan Longoria once sported the hairdo, as has Washington Nationals reliever Jonathan Papelbon.

But did they get a weird shout-out from Charlie Sheen? Doubt it. Actually, probably. Maybe.

(image via Rangers Blog)