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Yoenis Cespedes is a chain-smoking, seafood-eating madman (photo)


Yoenis Cespedes’ arrival via a trade at the deadline coincided quite nicely with the New York Mets’ resurgence that culminated with the team taking control of the NL East. Who would’ve thought overindulging in eating copious amounts of seafood and having a chain-smoking habit would be the slugger’s recipe for success?

While it does seem counter-intuitive to say the least, Cespedes apparently has a weakness for both seafood and smoking, as evidenced by some informative social media nuggets offered up on Tuesday regarding the outfielder’s less-than-healthy habits.

Firstly, the Mets themselves posted a rather unflattering photo of Cespedes enjoying a seafood-heavy post-game spread following the team’s 5-3 victory over the Baltimore Orioles.

“Seafood feast! Last night the team enjoyed some of the local flavor,” the Mets tweeted along with the photo of Cespedes chowing down.

The down-and-dirty feast seafood feast — which actually isn’t the most unhealthy way to dine, to be fair — apparently follows Cespedes’ habit of sucking down some heaters before games.

“Cespedes is a throwback,” the New York Post’s Mike Puma reports on Twitter. “He was smoking like a chimney – one cigarette after another – in the runway before batting practice.”

A throwback, indeed.

The Mets currently have staked themselves a 4.5-game lead over the collapsing Washington Nationals in the NL East. Speaking of collapsing, let’s hope Cespedes, given his proclivity for less-than-healthy activities, can make it to season’s end without doing the same

And by the way, maybe Mets superfan Jerry Seinfeld should probably put the kibosh on any potential meet-and-greet with Cespedes over Cuban sandwiches. Just to be safe.

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