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Tim Tebow reportedly breaks up fight during Eagles-Ravens scrimmage


If a person was asked to name the most likely NFL player who would be capable of breaking up a fight during a tense and heated training camp scrimmage between two hard-fighting teams, you better believe most folks would say Tim Tebow.

And apparently that was indeed the case as the quarterback reportedly played the role of peace-making inventor when a scuffle broke out in the end zone during a scrimmage between his Philadelphia Eagles teammates and members of the Baltimore Ravens.

No word on whether or not Tebow took a moment to sign a fan’s Bible afterward, though.

The fracas reportedly broke out among either third- or fourth-stringers, depending on which accounting of the events are accurate.

One thing is certain, though, an extremely easy joke was to be had by anyone reporting on the event given that the deeply religious Tebow played the starring role in splitting up the combatants, as evidenced by a tweet from The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jeff McLane regarding an earlier tweet from Bleacher Report’s Michael Tanier.

“A little scuffle between #Eagles-Ravens third team offense and defense until Tim Tebow parts them, as @MikeTanier said, like the Red Sea,” McLane wrote on Twitter.

Ha. Red Sea. That line deserves an honorary act of Tebowing or something.

Cracking a Moses/Red Sea joke about how Tebow broke up a fight is a perfect example of low hanging fruit, to be sure. Even though, it’s a tasty treat, indeed, and one that needn’t avoided like the Forbidden Fruit. Or whatever.

Still, it’s good to know Tebow is on hand to play peacekeeper. After all, Wednesday marked only the first of three consecutive days of joint practices between the Eagles and Ravens. Maybe for his next noble act, Tebow act turn a jug of water into Gatorade or something.

That’s not an indictment on the original joke, either. The only reason to harbor any bitterness is the fact that someone was quicker on the draw and came up with the Red Sea joke first.

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