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Free furniture promo tied to Ravens or Redskins scoring TD on kick return


A Washington D.C./Baltimore-area furniture store chain is running a promotion where if fans of the Washington Redskins or Baltimore Ravens — or anyone for that matter — buys merchandise at any of their locations during a specific time period, the purchase price will be refunded in full if either team accomplishes a specific feat during their respective Week 1 games.

Marlo Furniture, who also is running a promotion tied to the possibility of both the Nationals and Orioles making the World Series, has announced the company will refund each and every purchase made from Aug. 17-23 in any of their five area stores if the Ravens or Redskins return either the opening or second half-opening kickoff for a touchdown in Week 1, per a D.C. Sports Bog report.

“I decided on the kickoff because it’s more of an immediate reward,” said David Biddison, Marlo’s general manager. “It would be kind of neat for people to buy their furniture this week and then three weeks later be sitting on a free couch.”

Biddison hopes the promotion will temporarily unite the Ravens and Redskins fan bases, as it’s likely those who are fans of one team or the other who purchased furniture will tune into both games in the hope of seeing a kickoff returned the distance at the either of the specified times.

“Buying furniture should be fun to begin with, but some people think it’s a burden,” he said. “It’s all about having fun. I want it to happen. I want it so bad, just to see the smiling faces. It would be off the charts.”

Marlo of course took out an insurance policy that covers up to $2 million in refunds, so the risk is minimal.

The free furniture-for-(insert accomplishment here) routine obviously is nothing new (see here and here and here). In every instance, the company not only generates a tremendous amount of goodwill among the area’s sports fans, the businesses probably make a ton of sales with the insurance provision serving as a safeguard.