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Steve Smith engages trolling Browns fan who called him a ‘punk’


Steve Smith obviously is one of the brashest and mouthiest NFL players ever to play the game. It’s been proven more than once that his fiery demeanor translates to his off-the-field antics as well, specifically when it comes to his outspoken nature on social media.

Another example of how the veteran Baltimore Ravens wide receiver stubbornly refuses to back down from anyone, even a smack-talking Twitter troll, took shape on Tuesday morning, when Smith engaged said troll after the individual referred to him as a “punk.”

The official Twitter account of Dawgs by Nature, a Browns-centric website, responded to a tweet where it was argued that Smith is a “certified bada**” along with a link to a classic play from Smith’s career. Dawgs by Nature replied by writing, “The same guy who broke a team mates nose and challenged other players to fist fights? He’s a punk.”

This clearly got Smith’s attention. And he fired back in kind, suggesting the person who issued a tweet meet him when the Ravens visit Cleveland this season.

“I’m in Ohio twice this year you can test out your theory if you want to Boo!!!” Smith tweeted.

The back and forth continued, with Dawgs by Nature suggesting Smith won’t even be noticed in his trip to Cleveland because of the Browns secondary. Smith’s response?

“Your reply is exactly what I thought you were,” he wrote. “You seem like a guy who wastes many hrs of the day playing #warcraft.”

When asked if he seriously wanted to fight, Smith didn’t back down.

“Look at you dripping ***** juice all over Twitter… I’m done with you now.” Smith retorted.

While Smith’s social media antics are amusing, it probably isn’t what the Ravens would prefer him to be doing on Twitter. Last season, he announced he was quitting social media — at least as it related to engaging Twitter trolls — because in his words, “I’ll kill you on Twitter, so I had to stop. Somebody will say something inappropriate to me, and my wife said I wasn’t being a very good example for my kids.”

It looks like Smith just couldn’t help himself this time.