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Ravens’ Justin Tucker mocks McConaughey in car commercial (video)


Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker has landed an endorsement gig for Carbiz, a used car dealer in Maryland, and for his first commercial, he went for the low hanging fruit and humorously parodied Matthew McConaughey’s patently bizarre spots for Lincoln.

Tucker, who played his college football for the Texas Longhorns, nails his McConaughey impression brilliantly while ruminating about people who put their pants on one leg at a time, as well as people who drive with two feet.

The tone perfectly echoes McConaughey’s Lincoln commercial, in which he opens with, “Sometimes you gotta go back … to actually move forward.” From there, nothing makes much sense, if any sense at all.

As far as commercials featuring Ravens players are concerned, Tucker’s efforts are great, but can they match ex-Raven Haloti Ngata portraying the sun in a window company commercial? Probably not.

In any event, while Tucker riffing on an off-kilter McConaughey bit is great, it would have been far more awesome had he channeled Rust Cohle, the actor’s oddball character in “True Detective,” and carved out some “Beer Can Men.” It wouldn’t have had anything to do with cars, but as McConaughey has proven, car commercials really don’t have to have anything to do with the automobiles they are intended to promote anyway.