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Jason Pierre-Paul moved by young Orioles fan with prosthetic hand


Count Jason Pierre-Paul among those left inspired and moved by the courageous Hailey Dawson, a five-year-old Baltimore Orioles fan who threw out the ceremonial first pitch before her favorite team’s game on Monday.

Dawson, of Las Vegas, Nev., has Poland Syndrome, a a rare congenital disease that can cause “abnormalities of the hand, which often involve shortened fingers, partial fusion of the fingers, or both.” She threw out her first pitch utilizing an Orioles-themed prosthetic hand created by students at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas utilizing a 3-D printer.

Pierre-Paul, took to Instagram to post a photograph of Dawson, along which he added the following comment: “5-year-old Orioles fan with Poland Syndrome S/O to Hailey Dawson throws out first pitch using her robotic hand. Anything is possible if you just believe in the man above. #Blessing #Hero.”

Pierre-Paul of course suffered a traumatic hand injury during a Fourth of July fireworks accident, a horrific event that left the 26-year-old defensive end with an amputated index finger, a broken thumb and burns so severe he required skin grafts.

Regarding Dawson, her mother, Young, explained how her daughter ultimately got the opportunity to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

“She said, ‘I wish I could throw the ball out for the big Orioles,'” she said, via “Her brother plays Little League and has always been the Orioles, so she considers him the ‘small Orioles.’ So I thought about it and I thought it’s kind of a tall order, but what the heck? I’ll try. I picked eight different names from the front office and I sent a two-page letter with a bunch of photos and that was it. They called me back and said, ‘Yeah.'”

Dawson isn’t the first child to throw out a first pitch ahead of a baseball game with the use of a prosthetic hand. Five-year-old Jack Carder threw out a ceremonial first pitch before Cleveland Indians minor league game earlier this year with the use of an Iron Man prosthetic.

(top image via Baltimore Orioles/Twitter)