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Eagles, Cowboys fans unite to support family of deceased banner pilot


Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys set aside their differences and deep-seated rivalry to show support to the family of a deceased pilot whose fatal crash erroneously was believed to be related to an airplane banner battle waged between the fan bases.

Cowboys fans and Eagles fans were engaged in a game of one-upmanship earlier this month related to the flying of banners over their respective rivals’ training camp practices. A fatal plane crash at the airport where the plane carrying a retaliatory banner funded by Eagles fans originally was suspected to involve the pilot hired by said fans.

It turned out not to be the case as it was later learned that the pilot hired to fly the pro-Eagles banner was not involved with the tragic accident.

A pilot’s life was lost, though, and given how his death became intrinsically — albeit inaccurately — related to the fans’ banner war has prompted Eagles fans and Cowboys fans to realize there are bigger things than petty rivalries by raising money for the family of the perished pilot.

Bleeding Green Nation reports that over $4,000 has been raised for the family of the deceased pilot.

The Eagles fan who posted the above evidence of the fans’ generosity and thoughtfulness expressed gratitude in a post published on the fundraising page:

“Thank you to everyone who contributed to this cause. I spoke with the pilot’s wife last week, arrangements were made, and now some relief (and much needed) is going to this family during this difficult time. The total amount, regardless or gofundme fees, has been sent to the family. His wife had no idea who I was, who we were, or the story behind the “banner wars”…..but in one of the lighter moments during our conversation she interrupted me and said “Wait…I thought Eagles and Cowboys fans hated each other”. While hate is a strong word (yet incredibly accurate) we’re all human, and I think it showed in this very brief but perfect example.

Thank you all again, it’s your kindness that speaks volumes about these two fan bases. Dallas…we’ll you week 2.


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