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Indians infielder Chris Johnson sidelined by … spider bite?


Face front, true believer! Cleveland Indians infielder Chris Johnson missed his second consecutive game on Sunday due to issues stemming from what he suspects is a spider bite suffered at the team hotel during a weekend series on the road against the Minnesota Twins.

Johnson arrived at the ballpark on Saturday with what appeared to be a pimple on his left index finger, but team trainers believed it to be the result of a bite from an insect of some sort. Ointment was applied and Johnson’s finger was bandaged.

When he showed up at Target Field for Sunday’s game, the aftereffect of the believed bite had considerably worsened. His hand had become swollen and he couldn’t bend his finger. So the team sent him to a Minneapolis hospital for treatment, which included the administration of antibiotics.

“I tried to get the swelling and infection out of there because I guess whatever bit me, it got infected,” Johnson said, via “Hoping the swelling goes down in a couple days and I can start swinging the bat again.”

When a reporter cracked a joke about the similarities between his experience and the origin story of Spider-Man, Johnson had no choice but to agree.

“They were just talking about that in trainer’s room,” he said. “They told me they were joking that I’d be pretty good at baseball being Spider Man.”

Johnson,¬†acquired in a trade with the Atlanta Braves on Aug. 7, was then asked if his “Spider-Sense” was tingling and if so, would he consider a career switch to superhero crime fighter.

“Oh, you’ll know,” said Johnson. “I’ll be gone. I’ll be saving the world.”

Just remember, Mr. Johnson: With great power comes great responsibility.