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Yankees relent, will celebrate A-Rod’s 3,000th hit at upcoming game


The New York Yankees have announced the team will honor Alex Rodriguez accomplishing the remarkable feat of notching his 3,000th career hit earlier this season during a pre-game ceremony at Yankee Stadium on Sept. 13.

The Yankees earlier this season appeared reluctant to say the least over acknowledging, much less celebrating, any milestones¬† A-Rod achieved this season. The team and the player were embroiled with a lengthy back-and-forth over the Yankees paying the slugger a $6 million “milestone” bonus after he tied Willie Mays on the all-time home run list, something he accomplished on May 1.

The agreement stipulated that the Yankees would pay Rodriguez $6 million each time he tied another player as he moved up the all-time career home run list. The Yankees originally remained steadfast in their position as the milestone neared that they would not pay Rodriguez the bonus because the team couldn’t properly market the accomplishment due to the slugger’s history with performance-enhancing drugs.

In the instance of his 660th homer that tied him with Mays, Rodriguez and the Yankees resolved the issue by coming to an agreement where the monies were donated to charity with the Rodriguez not receiving a dime of the bonus.

The Yankees obviously have adjusted their hardline stance on several fronts, perhaps recognizing that such a monumental achievement merits at least some celebration. A-Rod’s ability to produce at the plate — and not turn himself into a distraction — likely played a significant role in the Yankees electing to go ahead with the pregame ceremony.