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Tom Brady used Jay Z’s ‘Public Service Announcement’ as walk-out music


While his actual appearance in the eventual game was short-lived to say the least (1-for-4, 10 yards in a quarter of play), Tom Brady made his presence known to New England Patriots fans when he was announced to the crowd at Gillette Stadium ahead of the team’s preseason showdown with the Green Bay Packers by strolling out to Jay Z’s “Public Service Announcement.”

Nice, but Falco’s “Der Kommissar” would have been even more apropos.

Of course, the tune is Brady’s traditional walk-out music, but the song’s opening line, “Allow me to reintroduce myself,” obviously carried extra meaning and added significance given the quarterback’s battle with the NFL over his four-game suspension.

As noted by CBS Sports’ Ryan Wilson, Brady has been using the song for some time and was even asked about the choice of walk-out music in 2014 (via

Reporter: “Your walkout music, the Jay Z song, was that your choice or do they just play that for you?”

Brady: “That’s been my choice for a long time.”

Reporter: “What is it about that song?”

Brady: “I’m a big fan of his.”

It’s nothing more than an interesting aside, really, but perhaps even Brady himself recognized the enhanced relevance to the song’s opening line. And more than that, it probably resonated quite a bit with the Patriots faithful.

Even more, the entire spectacle made it abundantly clear that having those in charge of the music inside a stadium on your side has its undeniable benefits. Just ask Geno Smith.

(image via New York Daily News)