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Robert Kraft: Tom Brady is a ‘great human being,’ believes him ‘implicitly’


New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft made it clear under no uncertain terms that not only does Tom Brady have his unequivocal support but the entire organization as the quarterback wages war against the NFL over his four-game suspension.

Kraft called Brady the greatest quarterback of all-time and indicated that he has learned not to say much about things until it’s all said and done, but nevertheless went on to praise Brady’s integrity.

Speaking during a pregame interview before the Patriots’ preseason tilt against the Green Bay Packers, Kraft said he believes Brady’s side of the story over his involvement “implicitly,” citing that the quarterback has been nothing more than a consummate professional and an all-around class act.

“Tom Brady is a human being and someone I’ve known for 15 years, and put aside he’s a football player, he is the type of guy you would want as your best friend, as your brother, as your father and as your son-in-law,” Kraft said during an interview with the team’s flagship station, 98.5 The Sports Hub, as transcribed by ESPN. “He is a smart, empathetic, caring, honest, great human being.”

While the talk of the league and Brady potentially settling matters has been only that — talk — Kraft said should Brady elect to settle, the Patriots organization is okay with it.

“Tom loves the game of football, cares deeply about his teammates, cares deeply about the fans, and if something made sense to him because it was the right thing to do when he weighed everything together, we would absolutely support him 100 percent with what he wanted to do,” he said.

Kraft, despite not professing Brady’s innocence, essentially painted the quarterback as a person who would never sully his reputation by cheating.

“He is just an exceptional person, aside from the football piece of this, you see what’s gone on and he’s above that and he’s too good,” Kraft said. “… He is an exceptional person and we love him.”