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Philip Rivers sneering at Jerry Jones could be best image of NFL season


The San Diego Chargers and Dallas Cowboys played in both teams’ first preseason game of the year on Thursday night. The outcome of the game (San Diego won 17-7) — as is the case with every preseason tilt — of course was mostly meaningless in the grand scheme of things. But the fact that the evening’s events set the stage where this absolutely terrific image of Chargers signal-caller Philip Rivers appearing to make a goofy face at Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it a worthwhile endeavor, indeed.

This fantastic image already is without a doubt the best one that has been culled from activities leading up to the 2015 NFL season.

Actually, it might just end up being the best image of the entire NFL season. It might be a long shot, to be sure, but gazing upon the remarkable scene featuring the two league titans, especially the priceless sneer on Rivers’ face and Jones’ obliviousness — makes it an indelible image worth celebrating long after the regular season commences.

[H/T Shutdown Corner, image via @jescobar1208]