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LeBron James on playing Michael Jordan 1-on-1: ‘Oh, I take myself’


Earlier this week, Michael Jordan engaged in the ages-old debate how he would fare against the biggest stars in the NBA by saying who he thinks would come out on top if he and LeBron James played a game of 1-on-1.

Jordan was asked the question during a Q&A session at his Flight School in California last weekend.

“This is the ESPN question. It’s going to be all over ESPN,” Jordan quipped. “If I was in my prime, could I beat LeBron in a one-on-one game? No question.”

Gauntlet dropped.

But Jordan did pay James a compliment regarding the Cavaliers superstar’s confidence and ability by saying, “And he’s going to say no question.”

Which brings us to a recent interview James conducted with Bleacher Report’s Tim Daniels. He was of course asked about Jordan’s comments, and he said while it would be a grudge match of the highest order, he believed he could handle MJ’s best shot.

“Oh, I take myself,” James said. “For sure. I mean, I’m gonna take myself versus anybody. I’ll tell you one thing—they’re gonna have to have a few wheelchairs and a couple ambulances there to get us off the floor.”

It’s hardly surprising James took that stance. What else was he supposed to say?

The entire nature of these “Who Would Beat Who?” debates regarding how professional athletes from different eras would measure up against one another can get a bit tiresome, but it is nevertheless interesting to actually hear what the players themselves have to say about it.

It’s obvious such a scenario can never come to fruition — although it would have been quite the spectacle — but James certainly didn’t disappoint with his take on how he would fare against His Airness in their hypothetical match-up.

(image via Slam Online)